For Robin and Lori


TWITTER NEWS for their band, active since APRIL 2011


Lori and Robin continue to play Music from time to time and have also
been enjoying gardening and many adventures on their Motorcycle,

and Sailing on their new vessel,

A  1970s MacGregor Venture 222.

This vessel will give them time to practice their basic coastal cruising training
so as to enable them to eventually get a bigger 35-38 foot vessel to live aboard
during winter months in the years ahead into retirement. Living the dream finally!


OCT. 12, 2011 HELLO Sir Jake Beagleton!

(Rescued in memory of Dudley!)

At 14, Jake was a wreck.... Hurt, old, weak,
infected ears, sick, and needing help fast.

Life beat him up pretty badly, and
he had battle scars everywhere..
We were glad to help him recover and rest
for however long he may have..

As you can see below, he settled in quite well!

This look says it all-".. AH! FREE AT LAST!"

...That was a year ago, (today is October 4, 2012),
and we happily report that he is still
hanging in there, healthy
safe, warm, and content!

A very sweet wink and nod to our beloved Dudley....

we hope he's proud of what we did in loving memory of him..

Jake passed away after a couple of blissful years with us.


Our beautiful and loving beagle lost a battle with Lymphoma at 12 years of age.
Thankfully, Dudley helped us train the new generation- Roscoe and Riley, 
before he left us.
Now reunited with his mentor and buddy (RASCAL), 
we hope they are having even more fun on the side than they had here.

We miss them both very much, and the walks and adventures.
Goodbye "Dudbud" and "Razzy", we'll see you again someday.
Robin and Lori


SUNDAY: Oct.31, 2010

Working in the Grotto Studio:
revamping the setup for Linux and Windows based PCs
for several weeks, and also taking the opportunity
to rebuild several PCs as well. 
We may finally get back to recording soon,
and the timing is right, with the cold weather 
coming in.


SUMMER, 2010

In August we finished another training course,
and are now certified for Coastal Cruising!


SATURDAY: July 3rd, 2010

After a great class reunion with
Lori's High School friends in Florida, 
Robin and Lori played a private party gig
for some friends and had a wonderful time!

Many thanks to Tom and Kelly!
(Tom is shown here, sitting in with us)
Our first time back out there in a while and
what a great way to do it~


WEDNESDAY: June 16th, 2010

Almost 2 months since Robin's 
father- Gary passed, Robin and Lori are 
still learning how to cope with it. 
Hoping to make him proud,
they are pushing towards a dream that
he knew they had- with sailing, and working
towards a live-aboard life when they retire.

Now recently certified through the
American Sailing Association for Keelboat,
they have finally begun the journey,
of the song Robin wrote for Lori,
titled, "Can We Just Sail Away".
Next, they will be working towards more
ASA certifications and more time on the water
to become even more adept sailors.
Of course, finally getting back into the studio
is also a renewed priority which will get them
back out gigging, and finally also finish their
album, which took a back seat for a while
to a few curveballs that life recently added.

"We thank all of our friends, family and
everyone who has continued to support us
and request us to make our music a priority again..
it really means a lot.."



SUNDAY: April 18th, 2010

For YOU Pop. Against all of my being, I post this today.
The day I knew would come, all too soon.....
I love you, and will never stop missing you.

Rest in Peace Dad.

GARY ALLEN LULL  April 10, 1940- April 18, 2010


SATURDAY: April 10th, 2010

Pine Crest Cemetery, Charlestown, NH:
  Comforting a family in need with some HeartFire music.



SUNDAY: November 8th, 2009

Lori lost her favorite cousin last night
and to honor their bond, we post this special note
to remember Penny, who was like a sister to Lori.
We'll miss you so very much sweet Penny. 
Rest in peace dear one.

Penny P. 
b. April 15, 1953  d. November 7, 2009
She was our matron of honor in '89
and she was a gem to have with us on that day.
For those family and friends on facebook, please
feel free to click her picture to go to her memorial site.


SATURDAY: October 10th, 2009

Supporting our friends in One Shot Deal !
Robin played the role of Soundman



September 7th, 2009

Happy Labor Day everyone!

We are happy to report that Robin is healing
nicely, although the scars and discomfort persist.
He is not easy to keep down, and so his attitude of
perseverence is aiding in his recovery.
He continues to push his injuries to rebuild
as much as possible and in spite of the pain,
he continues to progress.
Using aloe, cocobutter, etc we hope it helps his face
to heal as best as possible.

A most welcome surprise phone call from the 
Exit9Motorsports late last week informed us
that the motorcycle was already DONE!
So this labor day weekend has been dedicated
to "getting back on the horse".
Robin and Lori have been riding all around
on the repaired and improved bike for some
much needed relaxing siteseeing.
Here are a few shots of the bike as of this

Robin says he may not ever be fully restored, but
at least the bike mostly is, and as long as he can still
ride, that's what matters.


August 15th, 2009

On Thursday, August 13th
Robin was happily riding home on his motorcycle 
when he was cut off by an older gentleman.
The 84 years old was driving a pick up truck.
Robin nearly got around him, and was  happy to share
that he was pleasantly surprised that the bike handled
so well, that he never dropped the bike. 
However, he didn't have quite enough time to clear the truck,
and they still collided towards the rear of the truck.

Robin sustained some injuries and time will tell how he heals.
Optimistic, he may only have some scars above his eyes,
as he needed aprox. 20 stitches. He sustained a few other injuries
and at this time he is still discovering new bruises and pains
since it's only been a couple of days.

His sister is a Physical Therapist , so she and his Doctors
have given him advice and are assisting him.
He's pretty sore as you can imagine, 
and will need some time to heal.

Kudos and thank yous to the Hartford, Vt Police 
and Paramedics who arrived within minutes.
Their quick, professional reactions and hard work 
did not go unnoticed.
The local Police Officer is a biker as well, 
and it was nice to know
a fellow rider was there to help Robin.

Reports state that even after impact and injury, 
Robin managed to hang on to the bike with one hand, 
and stear the bike out of the way of traffic and into
a ditch, where it rested, and still never laid down.
He is very eager to get his "sweet ride" back,
and wants to waste no time getting right back on.
Fellow bikers, be proud, and again,
heartfelt thank-yous to everyone involved in
helping out with the situation.

Saturday August 8, 2009

The 1st Annual Autism Awareness Music Festival
at the Springfield Elks Club on Park St. was a
great success! We had food,raffles, t-shirts for sale, 
and great resource information about Autism.
There was a dvd short film presentation, 
and 6 bands played.

Robin ran Audio and Video with
help from Kathy Mason on camera!
Congrats to all the people involved
on a very successful event!

 Behind the scenes, setting up all of the A/V etc!
Michael, Kat, and Robin put the finishing touches on the gear.
(  "Hmmm this cable should do it...." *wink* )

Click to see more pics that Kat took for us
including shots of the bands!


John Sullivan hosts and does some introductions
as Robin stands by at the A/V station.

Some data projection, a little audio feed 
to the mainsound and production for various 
band/show setups, and even a little keyboard
during one of John's songs gave Robin a fun workout ;)

Here's a close up of the gear, with the main board on the right,
complete with 2 ipods for addition music between acts, and presentations.

A mixer on the left for the direct feed mixdown to the camera.
Some good teamwork between Michael, Kat, John, and Robin
and  a very successful day was the outcome. Well done everyone!



The HeartFire album- "Eclectic Works And Ballads" 
is nearly complete!

After two years of struggling to find time around their jobs, 
school, and various other commitments, Lori and Robin 
are proud to announce that the "homestretch" is finally in sight. 
This is their first solo album outside of past bands 
and it marks a new beginning for them in music.
HeartFire is proud to be represented by Hitt Music Group, 
as their music gets submitted to film, movies, tv, labels, 
various events, etc.

Plus, they are grateful for the help and publicity that 
iLLUMINA Records has given to Robin and Lori.

Ideas for the final tune mostly seem to point 
towards an upbeat rock theme. 
If there is more time, a possible bonus funk song
may be written and added as well.
Thanks for all the wonderful inquiries and support,
we're almost there!


JULY 25, 2009

Master Sensei Gary McKenney, Robin, and Lori were honored
to take part in this very near and dear benefit/memorial ride for
two of our local high school students killed by a drunk driver:

Justin Aiken Robin Flaig Memorial Motorcycle Ride

There's Gary in the blue shirt in the shot below:

From this angle, you can only see about a 3rd of the138 bikes!
A darn good ride for a darn good cause on a very nice day. Can't beat that.

JULY 20, 2009

"Luck and Blossoms" is finished!

The prequel to the instrumental tune- 
"Apple Blossoms Return", is now on the players!

After starting this song nearly 10 months ago,
Robin and Lori are happy to report that 
this .."next new sappy tune is finally finished!.."
This song's lyrics shows the sweet love between these two,
(You can really tell, after 22+ years they are still tight and romantic!)
and states how fleeting luck really is in our day to day lives, 
(much like the lifespan of spring blossoms, and dragonflies..)
Grab your significant other, and sit back and enjoy this lovely tune.

Full steam ahead, this makes the 11th song for the album.
Sensing the homestretch they'd like to keep the momentum up
and keep working on a few other tunes during the month of July
to see this album hopefully completed very soon.
Thanks for waiting!

JULY 18, 2009

With a 4 day weekend now at hand, and
their placement agency, friends, 
fans and promoters"chompin' at the bit", 
it's time for Lori and Robin 
to get back in the studio!
Yaaaaaay! It's about time!!!


JULY 11, 2009

Hearing the call to support one of their near and dear items,
Both Robin and his awesome Master Sensei, Gary McKenney
(in the blue shirt below with this shot taken on another ride)

were very happy and proud to be involved with an
organized ride to benefit Rascal's friends at the
Springfield Humane Society

The turnout was incredible, many bikers gathered
to share in this fun ride, and lots of food was accumilated
to help feed the wonderful animals at the shelter.
Many area businesses also sponsored this event,
and one of the nice items as a result is this very cool
T-shirt that can be purchased to raises funds for the shelter.
They did a great job on the whole theme!
The riders brought food for the animals to paricipate,
and the event took them to several local ice cream places
for a taste comparison to see which place would be the favorite.
A fun ride, a nice day, BBQ at the end, and lots of great people!

In Rascal's memory,

Robin put the above picture of "Razzy" on his
windscreen for this event, as a symbol of doing one
more ride with his beloved pooch. 
We're sure Razzy was more than happy to come
along with Robin in spirit for one more ride like they
used to do. It was indeed a very near and dear thing.
Big kudos to the organizers, they did a wonderful job.


JUNE 9, 2009

One year later, today, we remember Rascal.
We still miss him terribly, and it's been a rough year of 
trying to adjust... there's no denying it.

Razzy, our furry son, you have not faded from memory.
No, not at all and we will never forget you.. We still shed tears
as we realize how much a part of our lives you really were...

Still, we are grateful for the fact that it paved 
the way for us to help two other furry little friends in need,
so .."to everything, turn turn turn.. There is a season turn turn.."

A reason for everything..
Thanks for sending Roscoe and Riley to us. 
In the things they do, 
we could swear we were getting a wink and nod from you.
It's uncanny how many times this happens in a given day.
Roscoe is so much like you, he could have been your offspring.

They've brought smiles and silliness back to the house,
and they've helped Dudley and the two of us
come out of our slump from missing you.

They're also keeping Dudley in shape, running
around with him in the yard, just like you used to do...

Still, we're missing you Razzy.. so very much.



MAY 5, 2009
 Celebrating their 20th Anniversary!!

After being together for 22 years, 
Lori and Robin look back and see 20 
wonderful years as husband and wife.
Robin proposed to Lori on May 23rd, 1987 and
all they can say is that they look forward to the next 20
with conviction of the heart and much gratefulness.

When it's right, you just know it,
and these two are enjoying the journey 
of life, love, and music together very much.

They wish to thank their family and friends
for such wonderful support 
and are celebrating this milestone all week long!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!


JANUARY 18, 2009

After losing Rascal last summer, we've had a
horrible time trying to keep our chins up.
Even Dudley (Rascal's brother, our Beagle) has 
been moping around ever sense.
This past weekend, we finally got down to the
Springfield Humane Society

to catch up and give a donation in Rascal's name,
and say thanks for sharing Rascal's story on the their website.

While there, we met two poochies that had come in together
and we thought they were just awesome. 
Long story short, we now have a couple of new furry friends
added to our humble home!

So without further delay, lets introduce them to you!

This is Roscoe, 

a really cool Terrier mix that would surely make Rascal proud!
He's a bit bigger than Razzy was, and has many of his smart and fun traits. 
Already potty trained, and has a great disposition!

This is Riley,

an absolute sweetheart, and Roscoe's pal, she is full of life and love.
Cute as the dickens and she melted our hearts!
We had picked them both out already, before even learning that
they came from the same place. So it's great to know we were able
to keep them together!

This is Dudley,

our 9 year old, who's funny face in this pic 
sums up his worry of the new additions. ;)
But it's all working out fine and he's starting
to understand they needed us all.
He can play leader of the pack now, and maybe
not miss Rascal so much.

Here's to the success of our first 3 dog night,
and thanks again to everyone at the
Springfield Humane Society

Here's the three, all at peace and relaxing.
A very happy ending indeed~


JANUARY 15, 2009

WOW.. Where did the time go?!

Sorry we haven't said much here lately.
We've been so busy at the home life
and day jobs. Also trying to do a little
catching up with friends and family.
The limited spare time for internet has 
(as most of you know...),
been spent on Facebook and Myspace
with all of you, our family and friends. ;)

Our music is coming along ever so slowly,
but so far so good. We have about 3 more
songs in the hopper, getting worked on
so we are chipping away at it and hope that
2009 will see it finally finished!

Thanks for your continued support!
Your words of encouragement are the wind in
our sails and we appreciate it more than you
could ever imagine!
We promise, we WILL be out gigging much
more regularly again very soon!



JULY 31, 2008

Just what the doctor ordered,
a caribbean cruise filled with good times
with so many awesome people!

Thanks to all of you for making it so incredible~

We started the trip by getting to Miami, FL
from Hanover, NH and stayed over night
Then we got on board the awesome Carnival Liberty to start the journey


More pics can be seen here:

Some videos can be seen here:


JUNE 9, 2008


Our canine friend of 18+ years  finally
reached the sad sunset of his life last night.

We wanted to give Rascal a tribute
as we reluctantly say goodbye to the 
closest thing to a son that we'll ever have.

We are truly grateful for the successful life he had with us
but must admit, we grew very fond of him over so many years
and this week, our hearts are indeed broken.

As a rescued animal 17.5 years ago,
we found Raz at the local animal shelter:

when he was only 6 months old.

The day Robin came to take him home, Raz immediately got
in Robin's lap in the car, wrapped both paws around Rob's neck,
as if to hug him, and then he kissed Robin's cheek, and put his head
calmly on Rob's shoulder as if to thank him. It was an amazing moment.

He won our hearts immediately. 
From then on, it was car and motorcycle rides,
many fun days of playing, running, and hanging together as a family.

For the past 3 years, Robin and Lori have dedicated most of
their personal time to being with Raz as he grew very old and delicate.
Rascal was an integral part of our family, and he will be deeply missed.
Our house in the pics below has never known a world without him.

Below, is a collage, of pictures spanning from the first year of his life,
through the middle, and to the twilight sunset of his last Christmas 6 months ago.

All we can do is something like this tribute,
because we want the whole world to know
all about the coolest dog we've ever had. 
We promise we will never forget you Razzy,
and to help us,  we give thanks to the folks at the 
Springfield Humane Society who will be
honoring Rascal's memory on their happy homes page.

With an ailing 18 year old family dog needing 
constant care, and the demands of their jobs 
at Dartmouth, Robin and Lori are still working 
in the studio in their spare time to complete
their new album titled:



With new songs taking shape, 
the list should prove worthy of it's title.
With this varied mix, you'll hear a lot of
different styles. 

As songs get mixed down, they may share
streaming versions on various streaming players.
If you've made it to this page, you've probably
already stumbled over one of them.

Stay tuned.

We're proud to have our song- "The Inner Voice" 
on track 6 of  the Rockers For Life CD compilation!
The follow link goes to their myspace page for it.
Give the page a few minutes to load,
it's worth it!

These two pics are linked to Ground Control and Illumina Records:



Summer 2007 UPDATE


This compilation CD at the manufacturer
now that all of the artists involved have turned
in their contracts, music packages, etc
Thanks to everyone who has shown interest
and eagerness! We will have our copies soon!


A very special summer trip/vacation's epilog:

WOW.. Talk about a good time...
Sorry it took us SO long to get there but we were
very happy to finally meet you and see you do your thang
up close and personal. Thanks SO much guys!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Doyle Bramhall II-Guitar&Vox
(Thanks for spending the time Doyle.. it meant a lot.... You're alright bro, God bless ya)

(DoubleTrouble and Storyville's)Tommy Shannon-BassGuitar,       and Charlie Sexton-Guitar&Vox

Chris Layton-Drums(The other half of Double Trouble and also in Storyville)

To meet the legends known as Double Trouble was especially cool.  It'd been a long time coming guys!


This is just the tip of the iceberg, Come to
and to see even more goodies and pics,
because we're going to be adding stuff for a while.. There was a lot
of catching up to do, and we sure did it!

Our online pals the Sonnier Brothers Band and Jack Hibbard!

They did a wonderful job opening for the Arc Angels!!!

Note the homepage and myspace links via these pics, and
come to the page links mentioned above to see more pics & videos!
The youtube site has some awesome videos of them in action~

DANE SONNIER up close               Dane next to  JACKIE HIBBARD  doing a solo

Thanks a bunch guys, it was a blast to finally meet our online buds and hang a while!



This compilation CD is nearly complete!
They are prepping for the final stages and it
will be available soon! Thanks for your interest!


Summer 2007

A very special summer trip/vacation:

Robin says he cannot begin to say what it means, to finally be 
heading "home" for a visit to the state of his birth....

Possibly the best time  he says he will ever have in his life.

He continues with:

"The very core of my being is elated beyond belief, 
and I have so many mixed emotions on the whole thing....

There is a very personal reason why it has taken this long but At last,
Lori and I are coming down to Texas to address some very personal things
from my past..... The spiritual pull is telling me it's time to complete
this circle and chapter, or novel in my life...

Fate has dropped some big hints lately as it opened all the right doors, 
and made it all fall into place very quickly.

We also come of course to visit with friends, see some of the history and music,
and hopefully meet some of the people and musicians that 
we've missed out on for all these years-> the icing on the cake.

It's a very special trip for me indeed... and on behalf of Lori and myself, 
we say to those of you we are about to meet 'Soul To Soul',

it's an honor.... you've no idea how lucky we are to be doing this.

Blessings, best wishes, and



Spring 2007

On Saturday May 12th, 2007 Lori and Robin
had a wonderful encore screening of

at Dartmouth college!

They had been busy planning for
that fun day since the November screening,
and are currently also making great strides
on their new original material and cover songs
for the next phase in their music:

They have already compiled
a wonderful setlist which pays tribute to many
of the musicians they love, past and present.
Their new approach will bring them back to
their beloved ballads roots for a nice intimate
charasmatic approach to their music and listeners.

They wish to thank everyone for all they've done in the past year!
Thank you so much to all of their friends, fans and family
for the ongoing support. Your continued graciousness
is very much appreciated, and the new friends they've made
give them pause to be so humbly grateful.


Robin and Lori have
some delightful news
on their music page.
Please click the link
above, to read it,
on the song titled,
"The Inner Voice"


Saturday November 18th, 2006
We hosted our own wonderful
screening of the movie

Acting as event host, Robin was
honored to have the Director himself,
Andrew Shapter as a guest for Q&A!

Our humble little screening had some
incredible audience participation
welcoming Andrew to our event,
and we got the whole thing on film!
Thanks to everyone who attended
and added their much appreciated
input and questions, you made
the whole thing worth while~

Special thanks to Andrew Shapter
for making the trip and for a 
wonderful visit!

In the days to come, we will update
our sites with pics and maybe a few
video clips as well,
So stay tuned!

As promised

for you brutha D,

mission accomplished.....

Eric Clapton Tour 2006:

On October 3rd Lori and Robin
had some great seats in Boston, Ma
and saw them again in Connecticut
on October 7th at the Mohegan Sun

In order of appearance:

Derek Trucks (guitar)
Willie Weeks (bass)
Doyle Bramhall II (guitar)
Eric Clapton (guitar / vocals)
Steve Jordan (drums)
Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Tim Carmon (keyboards)


BOSTON 2006:
This shot will always be a really cool moment for Robin.
(Even if they were to end up knowing each other very well in the future,
this will always be a time to remember, the so-called "Kodak Moment"):

As the lights got out of Doyle's eyes, he spotted Robin down front...
Immediately responding in recognition, Doyle's eyebrows rose and he nodded to Robin, 
stepped forward closer to his monitor speaker (which was about 5 feet away from Robin),
and began to play right to him for a bit,  exchanging some nods and smiles
as the two finallymet eye to eye....

('bout damn time man.... hehehe)

Doyle showed Robin some techniques for their common playing method, on the fly
which was ended way too soon, when security discovered Robin wasnt in his proper seat..

;)  (yeah.... oops....hahaha)

Thanks Doyle, you were gracious to do that, and Robin really appreciated it very much.
(Long overdue to see ya like that man....)

Even though it was a very brief moment in time, An unforseen bonus was that someone
took that picture as luck would have it!- Thanks so much to Josh Barber for that 
awesome shot capturing that moment in time, and this one too:

(Derek {red guitar} is an excellent add to the band, that dude can do some serious slide action!)





Croc Hunter -Steve Irwin :
A loss felt around the world
September 4th, 2006 

Waking up this morning to hear the tragic news of Steve Irwin
dying from a freak accidental death from a stingray, 
we are at a loss for words....

Long-time fans of this charismatic man and his family and friends
at the Australia Zoo, Lori and I are deeply saddened today.
Not surprisingly, we cannot even get through to their website:  we figure the site's server is
pretty bogged down with folks like us trying to express support.

So we are just simply adding this news for now as we read up on
the details and watch the news.
Steve's work for conservation and his dedication to wildlife, as
well as his enthusiastic approach to everything in life has been
an inspiration we can all take lessons from.

Our heartfelt sympathy to his family, friends and coworkers.
We are with you in solidarity and spirit. Steve will be strongly
missed and we thank God for giving him to the world, may his
spirit live on and blossom in all of our hearts to inspire us to follow
in his footsteps to take care of mother earth.
We hope that everyone involved with the Zoo can continue on
with their very important work in the days to come...
Terri, Bindi Bob, Steve's best mate -Wes, and all the gang at the Australia Zoo,
you've touched our hearts over the years, please hang in there
and know that our thoughts and hearts are with you.
In solidarity,
-Lori and Robin Lull-


August/September 2006
Studio is finished!
go to our pics pages to see
some nice shots.
Bindlestiff and HeartFire
are currently practicing up
to get crackin~!


May/June/July 2006

Happily the busy beavers, Lori and Robin have added a
much-needed outdoor shed which enabled them to
finally start on the conversion of their garage to their 
long-awaited home studio.

Along with that, they have joined up with some very talented
and fun bandmates, and are currently working on setlists and originals 
for the projects listed below.


March/April 2006

The guestbook still looks close to what it was, but is no longer
automated for spamming morons to abuse to oblivion.

Please send your hellos and we will actually be able to see them 
and post them without them getting buried in spam. Yaaaay!
Thanks Mr. Webmaster!


Keeping the eclectic idea in mind, they want to cover all their bases with a variety of 
projects to fulfill musical desires and also support the needs of the venues they play in:

1. A rock band concentrating on well-known cover songs for the local dance clubs,
2. a continuing collaboration and recording of original material for a variety based CD project, and
3. a softer, accoustic styled ballad/blues/etc band for small venues-

This should make for an ever-evolving, fun experience with multiple musicians.

We've found a couple of well seasoned eclectic drummers,  3 guitarists, 
a saxaphone player, and a mandolin player who should round out the mix quite nicely.

We are also looking for various musicians with talents in 
percussion,  wind, and stringed instruments. Keep the inquiries coming!

***To our neighboring fellow musicians near the upper valley area of NH/VT
who may interested, please feel free to give us a shout ***


We are also having a lot of fun with new friends on,
where it looks like the new home for musicians of all kinds
as well as friends, family and fans. 
A welcome change to what myspace was dealing with a while ago.. 'nuff said!

We have had the pleasure of meeting so much wonderful talent on myspace,
new and old. Messaging with everyone from family and friends, to some
very famous musicians!
 Our thanks to our friends on myspace who are gracious enough
to take the time to say hello and show solidarity and support, 
we appreciate you reaching out!

Moving Forward, January/February 2006

Formerly known from their work with the Spectris Band,
most of the music they helped create with Spectris stays with that band, but
they will always feel proud of everything they had accomplished for, and with Spectris.

They will have more of their own music very soon and say it's a wonderful feeling
to be at this point their lives, happy and at peace. They wish to thank all of their friends,
fans and family for so much support. The emails, talks, phone calls, and messages
have been very gracious and kind, God bless~

Lori loves to play piano, classically trained, she still enjoys playing the classics and 
of course the ballads and music with with Robin who sings and plays bass guitar in the 
leftyupsidedown way that often turns heads and raises eyebrows. His vocals have been
compared to a blend of U2's Bono, with Lenny Kravitz and Pat Monahan of Train.

Having eclectic hearts, Lori and Robin have met people from all over the world, 
making friends in every walk of life. So they can usually relate to just about anyone
who puts their best foot forward.
To them, music is all about bringing people together, as it could very well be
the language of the spirit, and they really enjoy making music with a fun and broad perspective.


They want to share the following words, that they feel show some wonderful insight on music:

..." the very most important thing to remember is that music is meant to be fun, 
and make you happy, and make others happy. If you lose that, you've lost it all.
I think that music is a gift. It belongs to no one. It just flows through us if we let it. 
Success and all the rest of it are just by-products of the love for music. 
That's all I know. ( or think I know)...."

--Tommy Shannon- Bassist for SRV/DoubleTrouble, Storyville, and The Arc Angels 

Lori and Robin couldn't agree more. 



Mid July 2005
Lori and Robin had the pleasure of
meeting Mac Rebennack who is 
known better as the legendary

When the good Dr. and his touring band-
The Lower 911 came to Hanover, NH to play,
they  performed wonderfully and were very gracious hosts,
as they did a meet-and-greet with Lori and Robin backstage
after the show to hang out for a while.
They met guitarist John Fohl
who was nice and briefly said hi but had to excuse
himself gracefully to a prior commitment, as the conversation
started with  Dr. John
drummer Herman “Roscoe” Ernest III
and bassist-  David Barard
They talked with the Dr. about a few things including his
awesome song that appeared on the Double Trouble
tribute album to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Robin felt that even
though he was very gracious to chat, it looked like the Doctor
was tired and possibly feeling under the weather so
they kept things light and quick and gave the Dr. some
elbow room and took a walk with him, and continued on
with David on the walk to have a fun conversation about the
basses they play, gigs, and etc. It continued to a local "watering hole"
as planned to meet up with Herman and the fellow who is
(we believe) the touring manager (forgive us for
not mentioning his name. Will try to track that down).
Herman and David have been known in the industry
for many years and have very impressive histories
that you can check out online.

This day meant a lot to the duo of Robin and Lori
as they will more than likely be covering some of
the Dr's amazing music in their act and one must-do
tune is the one mentioned earlier, on Double Trouble's
album, it's called, "There's No One Like You".

Their wholehearted thanks and best wishes go to
these wonderful and legendary musicians who took the
time to visit with Lori and Robin, their musicianship
and gracious character showed through and made
it a very special evening. God bless.

Winter/Spring 2005
Lori and Rob saw 
Robert Randolph and the Family Band

in Hanover, NH
and were pleased to meet Robert
and Marcus before the show during 
setup and sound check. Thanks for
the chat and all our best to you  guys!


 February 10, 2005
Lori and Robin were very
happy to see Leon Russell

when he played in Lebanon, NH
and signed a few things on that cold
and wintery night before retiring in
his tour bus at the end of the night,
where Robin had a brief but very nice
conversation with the bassist who was
touring with Leon.
Leon Russell's music is another source of inspiration
for Lori and Robin in their act and they may also
cover some of his material.


September 4 2004

Robin and Lori had an incredible
weekend, as they went to see a band
that they and  SPECTRIS
idolize, admire and strive to make proud.
We're talking about these amazing legends:
Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman, and Alan White!!!
You know them as the band called:

From the bottom of Lori and Rob's hearts,
thanks so much to all the members of YES,
for 35WONDERFULyears in music!
You've been a MAJOR influence on
all of us!! God bless you all and
Happy Anniversary guys!!
(Hope you received what we left for you!)


July 4th 2004 weekend
Lori and Robin
had the pleasure of enough time to go see
Eric Clapton's Concert on July 3rd!
Which included Doyle Bramhall II
as his second on guitars!! What a blast!
Something you shouldn't miss! We were
very happy to finally see this amazing lineup:

Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Did an amazing opener for:

Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East - Bass
Steve Gadd - Drums
Doyle Bramhall II - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
Billy Preston - Keyboards, hammond organ
Sharon White - Background Vocals
Michelle John - Background Vocals

Then Robert Randolph came back for an
incredible encore! What an Excellent concert!


On Friday, November 21st, 2003
in West Lebanon, NH
We had an incredible time
and will never forget this night
It was truly the dream gig of the year
for us and SPECTRIS, Check this out:

Not only were the CONNIPTION FITS
there to open the show,
but the famous guitarist


and New England's own
awesome vocalist/guitarist


were there along with

(the Keyboardist from Britney Spears!),

(the Bassist from Joe Cocker!),

and drummer PETER HACKEL!

It was so nice to meet all of you and hang out!
We sure wish there was more time, but we
truly enjoyed every minute. Thanks to all of you,
you were so nice! All our best to you and
all of your friends for such a wonderful time!

If that wasn't enough to make for a VERY
cool evening, to top it all off,
we had the wonderful pleasure of an
incredible and heart-felt chat with the
legendary, down-to-earth,
YEAH! A member of BADFINGER!
Joey seemed to really enjoy the SPECTRIS setlist,
and especially the Pink Floyd cover at the end
which was apparent via his comments afterwards-
Right on, Joey, So glad you liked it ;)

We must also sincerely compliment Joey. 
Our hearts were so deeply touched by his
taking the time to make such decent,
and candid conversation before he went
onstage, and then for sticking around to hear
our entire gig as well... WOW.
What a genuinely nice, person~
Joey, God Bless, and thanks so much,
You made a huge difference.

Our most sincere respect  goes with you,
and we wish you all the best.

 We'd also like to thank
Jack and the folks at ELECTRA
for this opportunity and a wonderful night!