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Building/Servicing computers since DOS 5/Win 3.1,
Robin Lull gained his certification on NT SERVER 
in the late 90s and has been trained via Microsoft courses
to be supportive with administrating, networking and many other facets and tweaking within the computing field.
He also works with MAC and Several Linux Operating Systems including UBUNTU, ZENWALK, LINUXMINT, and PUPPY LINUX.
So that old as well as new machines can work longer!

Are you tired of the never-ending Microsoft merry-go-round? 
Well, these alternatives may just be the answer!
  (especially on your old machines!)
From fast boot and shut down times, to being able to open, use, edit, and share MS Office files, browse the  internet and do your email, these FREE systems really are worth a look!

When he's not working at Dartmouth College as the Economics Department's exclusive I.T. Support Consultant,

or doing the musical thing, Gardening, Sailing or
touring on his motorcycle
with his wife Lori, (phew!) Robin finds himself consulting, and doing house calls on occasion when time allows..

Whether it's building/tweaking your Windows, Mac or Linux machine, teaching you good habits to maintain your data, constructing your clear/concise web page, showing you how to build a nice power-point presentation, or setting you up with a home network internet based audio-video chat, Robin can help you get things done as quickly, and painless as possible.  He knows that your time is limited, and it's the same for him,  so he will either assist you quickly and efficiently or he will gladly refer you to someone who can!


Having a diverse background as  a musician, sound engineer, support technician and consultant both freelance and at Dartmouth for staff, visitors, guests, and faculty, Robin can help anyone with their Audio/Visual/Computer and Recording needs.

Robin has also been officially  trained at:

With his in-home (and portability capable) studio, he can assist those who wish to digitize audio/video, and can help bands/artists create their own albums with digital multi-track ability and is happy to add his creativity.

Supporting the following and an ever-growing list:

-Windows, Linux, and  Mac OS

-Need something repaired or built?

-Spyware, Viruses, re-imaging


-Software and OS tweaks

-Free advice such as: 

1. Keep your install/recovery CDs and DVDs WITH the computer!
2. Don't throw out those old  computers, just free them from Windows bondage and put on something by Linux,
an amazing and SAFER alternatives to Windows! (all Open Source=FREE!!) Let us show you how!


-Installation: -Configurations, (hubs, switchers routers, etc)
-Teleconference- Audio phone, Video, or Computer based.


Web Pages

-Robin designs concise, handsome, organized and informative pages for all bandwidth levels so everyone can understand and enjoy them.
-Ours are simple and effective, even at peak usage times, trust us, clients appreciate that!

-For examples you can look all around his pages and at the Dartmouth Economic Professors' personal pages. That's right, as of 2012, Robin has been rebuilding many of their personal pages to look nice and professional, as well as bandwidth friendly for everyone in the world, not matter their connection speed.

A/V related

-Too much to mention here. Need some consulting?- Let us know!

Studio Recording!

-Musicians who need to create an album
-Businesses who want a nice little tune created for their ad

-Film/TV people who want music for the background of their project

Need a sound guy?

-We've done this very thing for local bands such as  OneShotDeal, ATM, Hybrid, Spectris, 7Rage, Travis Parker, and Robin and Lori's HeartFire projects. Let us know if you could use this type of help.

We will personally support you or will
refer you to people who can do it better!

That's right, we have friends in the biz too!


If you like the personal touch,
Click on his pic above for more information
or take link to Facebook and send us a message!