Special Notes


Sept. 22nd, 2003
Words are not coming easy today
and I don't want to give out anyone's
private information without permission,
So I won't use names, but feel I need to acklowedge
the loss of a friend.  I received a sad phone call
As I got into work this morning: Evidently, Yesterday-
Sunday Sept. 21st, 2003 the father of a fellow
musician, passed away.  (I will just call him B.T. Sr.,
Close friends and acquaintances will know).

 In his memory, and to give his son my condolences,
I would like to mention one of the last times I saw him,
it was a really cool visit with him, and I'd like to share it...

I had stopped in to wait for his son to meet me there
(after work or something), and he invited me
to hang out for a bit. He broke out a couple
of cold ones, and some fresh shelled peanuts, and I thought
at the time, .."wow, that's pretty darn nice of him."

We took everything out on his porch,
and had a great chat on that really nice,
sunny afternoon. I enjoyed kicking back and
visiting with him. The fact that the neat 'ol guy
thought enough of me to spend that time,
and be so hospitable meant a lot to me.

I am deeply saddened at his passing and only hope
that this  relays it and somehow helps/comforts his son.
Best wishes,

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
I was called at work by my wife this morning 
with the sad news that a friend has passed on.

In my darkest days at the Postal Service, while very sick,
I was befriended by a fellow by the name of Todd Fullerton.
He had been fighting a battle against Diabetes for 
quite some time and recognized how sick I was getting.
We both looked like racoons with our dark eye sockets!
I admired his courage against what seemed to me, to be
a terminal situation for him. It made my problem seem slight.

 He used to tell me I really needed to get away
from that job and heal. In spite of his own mortality, he was
very supportive of my situation. He also knew of my musical
dreams and told me to live them! He only helped me confirm
my beliefs to seize the day, because life here is so short.
We had some very good discussions about life and we used to
joke about which one of us was going to meet the maker first.
In 1998, I was sure that it would be me. Fate stepped in and
bought me some time for which I am grateful. When I finally
left that job to save my life,  it was bittersweet, 
because I left behind some good people that I never got to
say goodbye to.

Yesterday at the age of 43,  Todd lost his battle.
I will always be grateful for meeting such a cool, caring, 
tough, courageous person. I dedicate my musical, and
indeed, my life's endeavors to supportive people like Todd.

Thanks for being there to talk to,
it was an honor to know you Todd.
I will never forget you and hope to make ya proud.

See you on the other side.