Just two ordinary, average people,
Lori and Robin care enough to help
make a difference, whenever they can. 

The following represent only a few of the things
they are involved in, and they invite you to join them:

Children's foundations

R&L are happy sponsors for two young people!
One is an awesome young man in Ethiopia via

and another is a lovely young lady in Haiti via

(They send MUCH LOVE across the miles to them!)

Robin and Lori are also contributors to multiple 
other organizations such as:

 St Judes,

David's House

Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD),

Wildlife and animal rescue foundations such as


and our own local area Humane Society

Humanitarian efforts such as:

Southwest Indian Foundation


Disabled American Veterans

Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.


Trying to help stamp out poverty and aids.

They ask humbly that you please jump in
and help in any way you can.  Even if it
is just a little bit, it all helps.

You really can help make a difference in our world!

What's near and dear to you?...............



  May 2, 2011 We lost Dudley early to cancer:

So in his memory, in October of that same year, we Rescued Jake:

At the age of aprx 15, after a hard life,
he is now enjoying his twilight years in comfort.

Adopted in Rascal's memory:

We adopted Roscoe(left) and Riley(right) in 2009 from

The Springfield Humane Society to celebrate our joint success with Rascal w

JUNE 9, 2008 


Our canine friend of 18+ years  finally
reached the sad sunset of his life last night.

We wanted to give Rascal a tribute
as we reluctantly say goodbye to the 
closest thing to a son that we'll ever have.

We are truly grateful for the successful life he had with us
but must admit, we grew very fond of him over so many years
and this week, our hearts are indeed broken.

As a rescued animal 17.5 years ago,
we found Raz at the local animal shelter:

when he was only 6 months old.

The day Robin came to take him home, Raz immediately got
in Robin's lap in the car, wrapped both paws around Rob's neck,
as if to hug him, and then he kissed Robin's cheek, and put his head
calmly on Rob's shoulder as if to thank him. It was an amazing moment.

He won our hearts immediately. 
From then on, it was car and motorcycle rides,
many fun days of playing, running, and hanging together as a family.

For the past 3 years, Robin and Lori have dedicated most of
their personal time to being with Raz as he grew very old and delicate.
Rascal was an integral part of our family, and he will be deeply missed.
Our house in the pics below has never known a world without him.

Below, is a collage, of pictures spanning from the first year of his life,
through the middle, and to the twilight sunset of his last Christmas 6 months ago.

All we can do is something like this tribute,
because we want the whole world to know
all about the coolest dog we've ever had. 
We promise we will never forget you Razzy,
and to help us,  we give thanks to the folks at the 
Springfield Humane Society who will be
honoring Rascal's memory on their happy homes page.