I dedicate this page to the friends I made 
While working at the Postal Service:

I pray for your well-being and I won't ever forget you
Thanks for your precious friendships.

I heard about the Anthrax scare (Sept. 2001) Now it looks like
there is a dust that not only bothers me, but now one that can
hurt everybody. Stay safe, God Bless.

Now that you can find me on the web, feel free to send
a hello email.. I'd be honored.

(left to right) Me, Lori (my wife), Joan (my sister) and Roc (her husband).

Since the picture above was taken, I have gotten a whole lot healthier 
since leaving the Postal Service to regain my health 
and start a new happier career in computers and audio video field,
and gigging now and then with various bands.

Unfortunately I will always have trouble with my respiratory system, 
since the sensitivity and damage cannot be undone. 
However t it is much more controllable these days without the constant
and unecessary exposure to what was bothering me.

My sister, (shown in that picture), she is a physical therapist and 
stopped me from giving up, when I was ready to succcomb to a respiratory illness:

4+ years of constant infections and severe lung and sinus trouble
caused by my postal job in a very filthy building 
was worsened by daily persecution by management 
and left me with very little strength by the time it was over.

Joan and my wife Lori  intervened  just as I'd lost all hope, 
and almost my life to it by Sept. '98. 
She and the rest of my family helped me get 
back on my feet, retrained, and on my way
to a more positive and productive life!
It wasn't easy at first either. I was all messed up for about a year.
I couldn't sweat, and became lactose intolerant among
several other weird symptoms! Evidently, whatever I was being
exposed to, basically crashed my immunity, and altered my chemistry
enough to cause these things to surface....

Never had I met more UNBEARABLY beligerant, condescending,
ignorant, hateful, soul selling, manipulative JERKS
that make up a LARGE portion (but NOT all)
of the management where I was in that USPS distribution plant.

To those were were more HUMAN, I
THANK YOU for having a heart and not selling out...

All of those who worked with me and my family, 
know what  I am talking about!
I truly do believe that Divine Justice 
will make them PAY for what they did,
So I hearby give it all to my maker,  he will make it right.
May the vengeance be his!

UPDATE: 2006
Divine justice may have indeed had a hand.
Most of those people have been nailed for various similar
things. I was also offered back my old job about a couple of years later,
thanks to the hard work of the Postal Union.
I politely declined, feeling I had no reason to ever return.
But it feels good to know that things finally came out!

Folks, let this be a testimony:
not your career, should come FIRST.

So with that said, it's TIME TO LIVE!



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